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Published: 06th October 2011
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We all know about the WINDOW BLINDS Dublin which are made with bamboo, fabric, plastic, metal but how many from us really knows to maintain it. Blinds are used to give the beauty to your home. With the perfect choice of window blinds you can make your home a wonderful place.

Window blinds are the modified type of the slats, which are used to achieve the same result as the curtains. Blinds have the same size and width as the window. It can be slightly changes depend on where it is going to fit outer side or inner side of the window.

Maintain or covering of window blinds Dublin is not at all a problem when window is small but what about large windows? There are lots of varieties of window blinds are available in market:- Slat blind, Vertical blinds, Horizontal blinds, Cellular blinds and many more .

If you are going to buy window blinds Dublin for large windows you can buy any variety but remember one thing that you have to purchase separate blinds pieces except the one single window blind piece because one single window blind is heavy to operate and install. You can use two simple options to solve this condition

1 Two blinds on one headrail.

2 One blinds two headrail one valance.

By first option, you can purchase two sets of window blinds and put them on the same headrail. The option makes installation of blinds easy.

By second option, you can purchase two blinds with two headrails and one valance to cover it beautifully so the two blinds can look like one. The second option is more popular than first the reason behind is after applying the blinds both looks same, but the second option is cheaper. So why not use that.

You can also find so many varieties of valance – Balloon valance, Swag valance, Ascot valance, Italian valance. Balloon valance is made of lightweight fabric. Swag valance is made of sheer fabric and looks like hanging tail. Ascot valance made of silk and velvet fabric. Ascot valance looks like a triangle. Now the Italian valance makes shape of curve. These valances are used to increase the beauty of window blinds.

I think this information is good to decide what kind of blinds and valance you can apply on large windows .but if you are not comfortable in deciding then you can take help window covering distributors.

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